Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Pyar Do Pyar Lo

What on earth is going on in this den of S&M filth?

 Wallace Wylie

The Mountain Goats – All Eternals Deck (Merge)

I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this relationship is far from over. This is, without a doubt, The Mountain Goats’ best album in years.

 Everett True

holy crap. it’s the new Lady Gaga video.

There’s nothing like a three-minute spoken word intro to set the blood racing. There’s nothing like a space-birth scene to really get those dance muscles pumping.

 Everett True

10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 08-14.02.11

Do they perform in their underwear? ARE THEY HAVING MORE FUN THAN THE OTHER 50,000 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM COMBINED? Yes, yes yes!

 Wallace Wylie

Lady Gaga thinks homosexuality is perverted

Does Lady Gaga understand the association she is making by having gay rights advocacy infused so strongly with her overtly sexual imagery that looks like dance night at an S&M club?


Rihanna and the case of the sexual no-no’s

The tied-up scene, with a Lolita-esque Rihanna writhing on the floor, thick chords binding every limb, is bad