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Heather Fedewa, Wax Idols

By Joseph Kyle

Tonight, I started writing a review for No Future, the debut album from Wax Idols. I wrote down my initial thoughts:

Sometimes it’s good to trash the slick-sounding records and pop in something raw and relentless and real, and this fits those three categories quite nicely. Just when you think they’re gonna get totally trashy, they pop off a pretty pop gem. It goes back and forth like this for 34 minutes. Too much, or not enough? Depends on my mood, but I LOVE it when they ditch all that and go for more melodic moments.

It was at this point I realized my words were superfluous. In this internet age, it’s so much easier to simply let you hear them do their thing. I don’t need to sell it to you. My words fail, because their music is so wonderful.

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