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 Scott Creney

Matt & Kim – Lightning (Fader)

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By Scott Creney

Matt & Kim have a new album out. It sounds like this.

I should know better, and ultimately I blame myself. I was listening to a preview of the new Mountain Goats album and the site had this one on there as well. I like a challenge. Why the hell not. It was either this or The Vaccines (capsule review: The Jam have a lot to answer for). Did you know Papa Roach have a new album out? It’s called The Connection.

Earlier, I was kidding. Matt & Kim’s new album actually sounds like this.

Optimistic and cute, like bad children’s music, it’s a steady diet of sweets — even the bitterness is sugared until you can’t taste it anymore. By the end of the album my teeth have collected in a pile at my feet and my kidneys are weeping. It’s the Christian-camp-counselor-show-tune-cheerleader vocals that ultimately make it unbearable. It boggles my mind this music was made by adults, to be listened to by other adults. It’s simple to the point of lobotomization.

Say what you want to about the quality of the music, it makes an excellent litmus test for weeding out fluff-eating imbeciles.

Considering Matt’s need to over-enunciate every syllable like he thinks we are foreign or deaf, the mind boggles at the decision to put lyrics in their videos.

Fight songs for the overly privileged eager consumer. Bomb Williamsburg.

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