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 Scott Creney

Moments In Song #2 – Mel McDaniel ‘Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On’

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By Scott Creney

Believe it or not, it can get a little tiresome working at the same coffee house for the last six years. Don’t get me wrong. For a job in the college town of Athens, Georgia, I’m doing pretty well for myself. Where else in 21st Century America are you going to work 25 hours a week and live (sort of) comfortably? But it can get a little humdrum — the same customers, the same routine — and when that happens you need to make things a little interesting.

Thankfully, we still have control over the music. But sometimes you get sick of albums, you get sick of the iPod shuffle, you even get sick of your favorite songs.

When that happens, you have to just keep listening to the same song over and over. If variety no longer thrills you, if an infinity of choices at your Spotify-ed fingertips can’t get you excited, then why not go in the other direction? Why not limit your options? Just utilize the repeat function on your CD player, or on your iPod, and get ready to hear your music from a completely different perspective.

Thanks to my co-workers Omar Ghosheh and Chris Nelms, for their assistance (and invaluable patience).

Having a crummy morning? Put some Harpers Bizarre on repeat.

Sigh … Nobody writes songs about waking up, getting really high, and walking around talking to lampposts anymore.

Want to drive your customers insane (they can’t complain about George Harrison, right? — he was one of The Beatles and everyone agrees that The Beatles were the greatest group to ever grope their way through the history of Rock and Roll Incorporated) while you and your co-worker collapse in hallucinatory giggles? Listen to George Harrison’s PSA Christmas Message for 15 minutes straight. Here’s a link.


A couple of notes: Soft Machine’s ‘A Concise British Alphabet Pt. 1’ creates a similar effect — like being trapped in a particularly hellish episode of Sesame Street. But oddly enough, The Fall’s ‘Repetition’, a song about the value of repetition, starts to sound terrible after the third or fourth listen.

For a truly transcendental experience, you need a song where each subsequent listen unveils layers of new meaning, to the point where hearing the song for the sixth time is like hearing for the first time all over again.

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