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 Everett True

Neil Young covers 'God Save The Queen'. Yes, that Neil Young. Yes, that 'God Save The Queen'

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It”s not like there aren”t precursors for this. I used to regularly dream that the Ramones played Legend! covers down my local.

Listen. It”s late at night. I know that Dylan once sang Christmas, much to the detriment of everyone around but I still can”t help feeling that right now I”m experiencing a particularly lucid, surreal dream and that when I wake in the morning everyone will still be in its (im)proper place and order. I mean (shrugs), great publicity stunt. I mean (shrugs), saves folk from having to think about what to talk about next. I mean (shrugs), some 75-year-old randomly emailed me two nights ago to claim bragging rights on feeding Brian Wilson acid so what”s to stop Neil “Godfather of grunge” Young from fucking with my night dreams? Really. I mean (shrugs), it”s not like it”s a particularly memorable tune – rampantВ colonialismВ and culturalВ appropriationВ aside – but it kind of isn”t my first, or even first 100,000th choice for realignment, doesn”t deserve it. I mean (shrugs), he don”t sing for Pepsi, he don”t sing for Coke. He can sing for the fucken establishment for all I care.

Nice drumming. Nice backing vox.

Looking forward to reaping my embarrassment first thing tomorrow morning and discovering I”ve been hoaxed not once, but twice, by experts or my lucid dreaming or whatever I”m on these days. I wonder what the actual video I”ve posted here will turn out to be? Pere Ubu or Tunabunny or Muscles Of Joy. No doubt.

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