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 Everett True

One-minute reviews – 10: Joker’s Daughter, The Drones, Giants Of Science, YACHT

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And so it continues… I was tempted to make this installment Brisbane-centric but realised it would lose me the three friends I have left remaining.

Joker’s Daughter – The Last Laugh
Post- (what’s that damn word again) folktronic music for folk who think that sculpting jellies is an art form. Not half as cute as it thinks it is. Really. One song is called ‘Under The Influence of Jaffa Cakes’. Reminds me of Emma Watson.

The Drones – Live At The Hi-Fi
Turn it up! Turn it up! Turn those fucking guitars up! Sarcasm and sweat and sweet, sweet nastiness drips from every pore: the guitars writhing and brutal, the vocals a jagged slash to the throat of complacency. When everything flows full-throttle that’s when the veins starting pulsing. Australia’s finest.

Giants Of Science – Live At The Troubadour
Old-fashioned braggadocio and riffing like they used to revel in back in the 70s. Brisbane is still crawling with this sort of grungy, male, sweat-driven music. Great for an evening out (alcohol mandatory). Trouble is, Wolfmother do it better (though not on this scale).

YACHT – See Mystery Lights
Never trust a band that uses capital letters. Pavement has much to answer for (particularly their last brace of albums). Blips and smart words and dance rhythms that Mika would toy with, and FF poses. Too self-consciously young – 28, easy. Still like it, though. That’d be the Ze in me.

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