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One-minute reviews – 5: Arctic Monkeys, The Cribs, Talk Normal, Visqueen

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Right. Time for some rock. Indie rock, granted – but rock nonetheless.

Arctic Monkeys – Humbug
They can do anything they want. So they go fairground on our asses. So they run with the rhythms. So they up the oomph. They sneer. They smile. They push the vocals up too high. They forget the golden rule about over-emoting. They sound like everyone sounds. But even so, this sure ain’t no Be Here Now.

The Cribs – Ignore The Ignorant
Former indie stalwarts take the Manic Street Preachers amendment and start battering down the walls with stadium-sized riffs and Marr guitar, with songs that serve as slogans that serve as seizures that serve as songs. Hard to trace the Riot Grrrl influence. Nice to know it’s there.

Talk Normal – Sugarland
A bunch of sound and fury signifying…what? Youth? Over-exposure to musical dissimilarities? Gabba? Ragga? Atari Teenage Riot? The Means Of Production? Works best when the mic is kept away from the vocalist.

Visqueen – Message To Garcia
Big-hearted woman from Seattle makes big-hearted tribute record to dad full of big-hearted power chords and open-throated vocals, catchy hooks and riffs, and poignant lyrics that put the following to shame: Neko Case, Belinda Carlisle, Heart… The Runaways. Impossible not to hear without major obstructions forming in the throat. Everything is major key.

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