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 Everett True

Response from a Disgruntled David Bowie fan

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David Bowie - Where Are We Now?

Martin A. Egan left this comment on the Mof Gimmers (not Glimmers, he ain’t a glam rock writer yet!) post Fuck Bowie, and I felt it was interesting enough to stand alone. Right of reply, and everything. Interesting how the ‘Fuck Bowie’ post is easily the most read post on Collapse Board over the last 48 hours. It’s had thousands more views than the Song of the Day post that actually praises the new Bowie single. Once again, it seems people – Bowie fans, anyone – only really seek out the negative (a truth known to politicians and newscasters everywhere).

An Observation on this piece of scribbling: You know you yourself are an example of how conservative shit Rock/Pop/ Pap/ Smug/ Bullshit so called Music Journalism has become. So you use the word Fuck in your miserable little effort to appear controversial Big deal. Or if you want to go to the other extreme there are the Music Critics who think they are Pulitzer Prize winning Writers because they got a degree in Politics and Social Media from a College and can use polysyllabic Feminist New Man speak instead of plain English. Being too young smug and self centred seems to be the nature of Music Criticism these days with very little in depth understanding of the nature and purpose of Music from the standpoint of actually making MUSIC as opposed tosub standard so called Modern Bands cobbling together older and sometimes more obscure Music from a different generation, aping people like Bowie. Talking Heads, Iggy Pop and the Beatles and claiming it as New Music. I haven’t seen anyone on here write even vaguely original Music Criticism since I joined this place. You are all so sure of your rightness in insulting rather than criticising Music and Musicians because you view insult, character assassination, cleverness bolstered by reading too many Blogs and Wikipedia along with terminal smugness as a substitute for informed and cogent Criticism. I think its about time you raised the bar alongside the Mirror and had a good long look at your truly substandard Criticism of the “If I say Fuck or use some obscure term such as Patriarchy or Matriarchy often enough someone is bound to begin to believe I know what I’m talking about” or if I use big enough words I am bound to sound informed and intelligent. Sadly you need more than that and not just the knowledge (deep in your hearts) that u know the Modern Corporate Music World and Media u pretend to criticise is no substitute for real ground-breaking Musical Criticism and invention. I am no expert but I am a Musician and can recognise true Music when I hear it and also true emotion in Music. And that’s where the difference lies. Its about Emotion as well as invention and not using “Fuck” simply to distract people from vacuous opinion. The only saving grace this piece of nonsense has is u at least tried to keep away from the “Lets all speak Positive about this because its new” herd of sheep mentality.

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