Everett True

Scrabble + Kitchen’s Floor + The Legend! + Bremen Town Musician @ Noisepit, Highgate Hill, Brisbane 03.02.13

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Scrabble, giving a fuck but not giving a shit.

Bremen Town Musician

Bremen Town Musician: strange and rhythmical and mostly, if not completely, a violin and the sound of the ocean and sand rushing through your head, your head.

The Legend!

The Legend!, friendless and belligerent and given a microphone which is then discarded – a devastating combination.

Kitchen's Floor

Matt Kennedy aka Kitchen’s Floor (but solo): plaintive and heart-wrenching: doing his whole broken guitar chord thing.


Scrabble: more punk than you’ll ever be, punk. Unless, of course.

Words: Everett True
Photography: Isaac Thackray (except for the bits his dad did, cos Isaac’s arm was hurting)

You can read a fuller live review here.

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