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Single Of The Week: Man or Astro-man? – Defcon 5 (Chunklet)

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man or astro-man?

By Mike Turner

Oh you collector scum mother-fuckers…. better buy two copies. One copy to listen to and one to wrap up in a diaper and treat like a newborn until it grows in value and you can flip it to another collector.

Man or Astro-man? have always had a deluxe-sleeve-color-vinyl, special-insert-fanboy-devoted base and I’d know cause the sad truth is that I am one of them. Die-cut sleeve with color laminate window, three different colors of vinyl depending on whether you pre-ordered in advance, bought direct from the band, or purchased it in a store. Yet, the asshole of all asshole things you can do… a special seal on the top of the record that is part of the packaging pretty much forcing super collectors to buy two copies cause you have to break the seal in order to listen to it. Good thing that I fall under the I-just-want-to-hear-the-music end of the demographic. When they called it a day I was more on the end of who cares, but with year after year not having any MOAM shows or releases like the other nerds in the fan base I grew to miss it. In the MOAM world it’s not just the music, but the live show, the packaging, and the music kinda fits somewhere in the middle. The A-side ‘Defcon 5’ is a simple surf rocker instrumental bringing to mind Is It… Man or Astro-man? era while the B-sides either add vocals or an accordion. Does the single make up for over 10 years of no new material? Ahhh maybe. Do the songs make me want to buy the next single? Ahhh maybe. Will I buy the next single regardless of any of these things? Ahhh yes. Man or Astro-man? do their thing and while they didn’t create surfy sci-fi rock they definitely set the bar for everyone else who tries to be judged against.

Man or Astroman? – Defcon 5 / Anti-Matter Man / Dr Space (Chunklet)

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