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Single Of The Week: Midnite Snaxxx – A Guy Like That/Jackie (Total Punk)

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by Mike Turner

Two songs and it’s all done, put it on flip it over repeat if needed.  These records come into your life then split and they’re gone. The best punk singles are like that. I’ve played this single so many times there are more needle marks than between Scott Weiland’s  fingers or toes. Midnite Snaxxx are part of that Oakland, CA bay area party punk scene that you have or have not read about. Sure you might have heard of Hunx And His Punx or Nobunny, but that’s boys club bullshit. You might have heard of Grass Widow and Brilliant Colors but that stuff is … well … too focused on cool. Midnite Snaxxx is all about dumb fun. Midnite Snaxxx are that girl you knew in high school that had the jet black hair and you swore she carried a blade. You know the girl I’m talking about. She was may be 16 going on 17 but she was rumored to date that dude in his 30s that worked at the pool hall. She was so cool. She had that gang of two other girls she ran with. Yeah, the three girls everyone thought were sisters. She was a little bit older and used to be kinda preppy but everyone was scared of her, yeah that one. Well this is your chance to get to know her. Stop being a lame ass little wuss and pick up this single already. It’s only four bucks, you spend that on your fancy coffee each day before going into the office.

Total Punk – 2436 E Robinson St Orlando, FL 32803

No videos. No soundcloud. This is all you get. A video of someone playing last year’s debut single.

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