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 Everett True

Song of the day – 139: Liam Bailey

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Before you do anything else at all, and I mean even breathe, if you haven’t gone and already listened to Etta James’ incredible, and I mean incredible, original of ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’, go and have a listen over here. And I mean NOW!

Done? OK, good. Now, I wouldn’t normally link to something like this. I am as wary of the ‘new soul’ or the ‘new blues’ or simply ‘proper music’ as the next Riot Grrrl champion, probably even more so when it comes right down to it. But a recommendation is a recommendation is a recommendation, even if it might well have come from an industry ‘insider’ – that’s the beauty of yr Internet. You Never Quite Know.

So that’s all I got to say, right here, right now. But.

The guy gets it, that’s all. He gets it. And he sings what he gets, with some scorching yet underplayed passion, a little emotional rescue or whatever the hell it is you want to call it these days. Sigh, he’ll probably turn out to be the new Ben Harper or Vampire Weekend or something – whose first single I happened to like – but, hell. You got to take a flyer occasionally, and follow your heart. He has.

So have yourself a listen over at Liam’s MySpace page: his version of ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ is somewhere close to the big block capital letters stating LIAM BAILEY and a photograph of the goatee’d dude sipping a cup of tea, and the acoustic guitar is set to ‘mute’… oh wait, can you even do that with an acoustic? And while I’m not saying it even  comes close to the original, it goes someplace else instead. And that’s more than enough for me, tonight.

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