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 Everett True

Song of the day – 141: Neonates

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Some more crazy-ass great female shit, recommendation courtesy of one of my favourite cult pop stars, this dude.

Give their MySpace page even the most cursory of listens and I’m sure you’ll see why I’m digging Neoneates’ minimalist groove so much. It’s all scratchy and human, like Stef Petticoat (who, for a woman who released just one single that anyone knows about – I have more – sure exerts a major hold over much of the music I’m grooving on today). It’s all brief and funky, like Trash Kit. It’s not swamped in reverb. It judders and jars and jiggles in all the places I like, and a few I wasn’t even aware I liked until a couple of minutes ago. It knows who Ludus are. It comes out on cassette-only, something even I’m unable to play these days (although my son Isaac still can). It’s not Etta James. (You do appreciate what I’m doing here, right? Just because I say I like something because it’s not something else doesn’t mean I don’t like that something else as well.) It’s probably down with that Wounded Wave (or whatever hell post-punk Germanic music called itself in the late 70s) that we hepcats all love so much. It’s female (like, duh). Oh, and of course it reminds me of my London sweethearts, Wet Dog.

Oh, you need the link to the MySpace page. Here it is.

I’d recommend ‘Gridlock’, but they’re all so fine. So fine.

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