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 Everett True

Song of the day – 152: Black Diamonds

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It would be ridiculous not to list one of the many incredible bands I unearthed in my research for my new Something Awful column.

It’s called Everett True’s Australian Garage Rock Primer, and many of the recommendations came directly from a thread on the Mess And Noise message board, so props to all involved. And props to my editor at SA also, who actually bothered to find the links for around three dozen bands, so you can sift through and delve at your leisure. Thought I’d give you this one to start with, Black Diamonds – ‘I Want, Need, Love You’ (which you can find on the unbelievably fine Ugly Things 1 compilation).

(from the Black Diamonds’ Myspace page)

Hailing from the coal mining town of Lithgow in the Blue Mountains district of New South Wales (approximately 145 kms west of Sydney) The Black Diamonds were one of the most enduring Australian Rock & Roll bands of their era. When you include their later incarnation as Tymepiece, the group managed to have a foot in three decades — the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. But criminally, during their tenure as the Black Diamonds they only got to release two singles — a little over ten minutes running time for nearly a decade of slog. (And this was a band who could boast of being able to play for 48 hours straight without repeating a song!) Still, what the Black Diamonds’ discography lacks in weight it more than makes up for in class. From the lush, dynamic power-pop of Not This Time and See The Way to the dreamy Outside Looking In — every track that the Black Diamonds released was a gem. Though for punk fans of course, it is their first B-side — the seething fuzz masterpiece I Want, Need, Love You — for which the Black Diamonds will always be remembered. And why not? I Want, Need, Love You is pretty much as good as it gets. — Ian D. Marks

You can call it freakbeat if you want, or garage rock, garage beat, whatever. Damn it’s great. Well worth the $300 (US) amazon are currently asking for it.

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