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 Everett True

Song of the day – 153: Grinderman

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Ask, and lo, it shall be delivered!

I’m a frabjocilous fool sometimes. I’ve been a-whining and a-griping that no one’s bothered to send me the new Grinderman, and there it’s been, a-sitting in my email inbox for a week now. Sitting there, slightly festering and mouldy, and angry at my complete lack of know how, no way. Bangs alive, but I love the Internet sometimes. So I can’t recite for you my thoughts on whether the new album is a goodie or a stinker yet because I’ve only heard.seen this one song, live on Ed G’s wide-screen television… well, if this was anyone else I would, so what’s stopping me? Am I Australia’s Most Hated Music Critic or what?

So yes, the new Grinderman album has humour. Yes, it rocks. Yes, the beards are out-of-control and Miss AMP’s male menopause is to the front. Yes, Cave enunciates. Yes, there is plenty of wah-wah. Yes, there are gunshots and girls sitting in bath tubs sucking their thumbs. Yes there is timing. Yes, it pulls the same tricks as it pulled last time around only with three times as much aplomb. Oh wait. There’s no ‘No Pussy Blues’. But it does boast one splendiferous, churning gut-wrencher of a promotional video, to whit:

I was most amused when YouTube made me agree to viewing “possible inoffensive content” before I could access this video. I mean, Mumford & Sons this is not. Love the laser beams sparking from the eyes of Ellis and Cave. Love the Buddha dancing. Love the topless black female Jesus. Love the gladiator costumes. Love the pornographic poetry.

Oh yes, this is my song of the day. No doubt.

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