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Song of the day – 189: Blue King Brown

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Not often, but occasionally I am sent unsolicited stuff by Australian music PRs. Not often, but sometimes I listen to it. And not often at all, I like it.

This particular track is a no-brainer for anyone conversant with Everett True’s listening habits in 2010. The deep, desk-shuddering, bass sound and gorgeous use of space between the beats sound like they could’ve been mainlined direct from Don Letts’ dub halls in West London 1979: and there’s a soulful female Jamaican voice. Plenty of skwiddly-diddly-dee dub bits, too. The song is called ‘Women’s Revolution’, and it features someone called Queen Ithica, so I’d imagine the lyrics to be righteous somewhere down the track. And it’s taken from a two-CD set called Worldwize Part 1 – North & South. I prefer the second CD myself: far less pop (and polished), far more dub.

Blue King Brown are from Melbourne, and the mainstream loves them. I don’t have a problem with that. Should I?

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