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Song of the day – 190: Ruby For Lucy

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I don’t like it when they go loud.

I liked King Of Convenience. I liked Simon And Garfunkel, the darker numbers, and not overlooking the fact Art Garfunkel is just about the most annoying anodyne twat this side of Lionel Richie.

I like to hear the strum of the acoustic, and tentative harmonies. I like nervousness especially when the music is clearly attempting to reflect human frailties.

I don’t mind the fact Ruby For Lucy come from Sydney. I don’t mind the fact they’re a duo. I have no idea whether I’ll be enjoying their new album Catching Bream when it shows up as promised, or whether it’ll be just polished enough to destroy the transient, nascent charm. I hope I do, because I like this following song a lot.

I’m not quite sure why, but this video also featured prominently when I was bringing the embedding code across for the Ruby And Lucy song. You don’t like Ruby And Lucy? You might enjoy this instead. It’s like Laibach inventing Panda Bear, five years ahead of schedule.

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