Lee Adcock

Beck – Morning Phase (Fonograf/Capitol)

Beck – Morning Phase (Fonograf/Capitol)

Damn it, Beck. It’s not that I – or anyone else at Collapse Board, for that matter – hate successful white guys with guitars. We’re just hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t bore us to tears or drive us nuts with their banal male sexuality. Nor is it true that there’s no place for sentimental […]

 Bianca Valentino

Ben Ely – The Collapse Board Interview

If I’m feeling sick or down music is really quite nourishing.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 190: Ruby For Lucy

I don’t like it when they go loud. I liked King Of Convenience. I liked Simon And Garfunkel, the darker numbers, and not overlooking the fact Art Garfunkel is just about the most annoying anodyne twat this side of Lionel Richie. I like to hear the strum of the acoustic, and tentative harmonies. I like nervousness especially […]