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Song of the day – 205: My Disco

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I hate their name. It was enough to stop me listening to them for years*.


Music = warm + repetitive + abrasive + more repetition + towering psych-trance + bare drums = bass-fixated + monolithic + brilliant. The new (third) album Little Joy keeps threatening to break out into something but wonderfully never does. Can sound be monolithic? It’s trance-inducing. It’s minimal, although most folk don’t equate minimal with noise (weirdly). It’s fixated. It’s focused. It keeps going. And going. It’s funky and heavy and psychedelic in the way This Heat used to be funky and heavy and psychedelic – and that’s high praise round these parts. And going. It’s surprisingly accessible. Damn, it is ALL RIGHT! Don’t like it when they sing so much, though. No, wait. I do. It just becomes something else. They don’t overdo it. And going.

From Melbourne. Tell you what, let’s call it Collapse Board’s Album of the Month, and see if that gets on any promo posters.

You can hear the entire thing here, apparently (although personally I never trust these inbuilt radio players on commercial sites). The song I’d recommend today is ‘Young’.

My Disco have a website here.

Um. Yeah. I would go see this for sure. Damn shame about the name.

Here’s some This Heat for you all.

And some Oneida.

*I’d forgotten it was a Big Black song. Good song, crap name for a band.

My review of Little Joy for The Vine.

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