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 Everett True

Song of the day – 247: Little Annie

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I’ve stared at this photograph of Little Annie for too long now. I was intending to put this up as a Song of the Day around six weeks back, but figured there was too much back-story to tell, to be able to be five-minute flip with her. Then I figured that Little Annie is perfectly able to tell her own back-story, if you just listen. I was an admirer of her music when she put out one of the most startling singles on the Crass label (as Annie Anxiety), and I remained an admirer as she became closely affiliated with On-U Sound, and I remain an admirer now that she rubs shoulders with fellow doomed romantic Marc Almond, and traverses through sadness and regrets and femininity on the Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch album Genderful.

There’s humanity here, and space. There’s beautiful piano, and insights, and sudden shards of percussion. Melody. Repetition, but not the same ground countlessly walked over.

I once compared Chemikal Underground artists Cha Cha Cohen to Annie: “They sound like On-U recording artist, Annie Anxiety!” I wrote excitedly if quite possibly not entirely accurately. “They have the same swirling darkness within their beats, the same caustic edge to the female singer’s voice. You get the feeling that these are not people to live with. Their nightmares have nightmares. Their goosebumps have goosebumps.”

Yes. Goosebumps. That’s what this music brings me out in.

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