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Song of the day – 249: Play That Beat Mr Raja #1

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Sometimes, it seems to me, it should be enough to print the introductory email, the accompanying visual and maybe a bit of the press release without a) mutilating it, or b) feigning prior knowledge. Just be upfront about it. Transparency is king, and queen. Add a little context, doesn’t hurt. But first a video. This here video that follows is the totally fucking ET-recommended and fully-retarded French band Les Club Des Chats. Have a peek at this.

Like it? Read on. Don’t like it. Read on anyway. The music we’re discussing below is totally different!


Hello Everett

I’m Gaspare , I think we got, in touch a year ago or more thanks to Guillaume of Le Club Des Chats.

Well, I write you today because I’m releasing on november a record you might be interested with. A compilation entirely dedicated to Tamil (Kollywood) soundtracks from the mid 80’s to early 90’s, titled:

Play That Beat Mr Raja #1
Selected Oddities From The Tamil Film Industry (1984-1991)

It is quite different from most of the north indian or bollywod related stuff which were released so far (mostly focused on rare grooves / blaxploitation style but also Hindi music only). This release is more sophisticated music as hugely influenced by devotionnal & european classical but on the other side more rough. Of course it is super analog & synthi stuff in here (late 80’s), it has a rock energy & is sometimes even flirting with outsider music.

I’m working on it since a long time, and it’s the very first time a record is focusing on that south indian industry.

Please if you have a bit of time, I would be very happy if you could check the links below:

I really hope you’ll like it: any kind feedback from you would be welcome, and yes, any support or review to promote that release would be of course highly appreciated.
I hope too this message didn’t disturb you, I’m not really used to send such …

Thanks and best regards
Have a nice day

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Intrigued? You know, fuck you. One of the tricks of my trade is to be able to immediately separate the wheat from the chaff, saves a fuck of a lot of time. Gaspare and his label is on the side of the angels, the outsiders, the kids who blog about music from Indonesia and the London Nobody Sings because if they don’t, no one will, and if no one does that will make them desperately sad because this music is so BRUTALLY GOOD. This music, here. (Can’t you tell by the album sleeve alone?) This music, here. (I found a video to one of the songs on the compilation and plonked it in the middle of Gaspare’s email: it’s a little more synthi than most of the other tracks, which are crazy beautiful psych shit, but it gives a taste). This music, here. (Mangamma Sabatham’s ‘Coca Cola Coca Cola’ from 1985 is like Neu! on… no wait, that’s a phrase I vowed never to use…is like outrageous cheesy Western ideals sending the sweet ladies of the Tamil film industry demented, with drum rolls and succulent unnameable wind instruments and Minnie Mouse.) This music, here.

Go have a listen at some of the links above. Go on. Expand some fucking horizons. Do it. Now.

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