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Song of the day – 258: Paris Suit Yourself

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The fellow from Ninja Tune sends me Paris Suit Yourself’s fine album of stilted, stylish, jazz-tainted ‘hop across, with a note bemoaning the fact that now Plan B Magazine has disappeared there are few magazines that will go out on a limb and write about such music. Shame. For shame, sirs. I can totally imagine Neil Kulkarni or kicking_k getting behind this, making my head whirl with talk of ectoplasmic streets and stressed-out children mainlining the lesser recorded works of Chuck D, maybe a handful of nicotine-blessed revellers hanging out on Parisian streets in the late 50s. The album, My Main Shitstain, is excellent: melodic and playful and experimental and full of tricksy turns just when you least expect them. Kind of like Reprise Records and one of those Bristol suiters circa 1991 and the intoxication of late night neon all wrapped up in a rockin’ caboodle. I don’t mean Reprise, of course but whatever that stuff that Weller was trying to achieve in the early 80s.

So here we are, ladeez and gennnelmen. Paris Suit Yourself. From My Main Shitstain. The song ‘Craig Machinsky’. Out now on Ninja Tune, and quite possibly Big Dada as well. You can find out way more over here.

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