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Song of the day – 267: Kashmere

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“I feel my genitals getting hotter than a toaster.”

Another top recommendation from that man Kulkarni – some more sci-fi horrorcore rap from the UK or thereabouts, the video cheekily lifting images of one of my very favourite 60s Marvel Comics characters. (I say “very” favourite, but really I was just turned on by the sheer scale of his supposed size, and the resulting fact clearly no comic book artist was able to properly portray him.) Minimal, spooky, playful… it’s a video game! No it’s not. It’s a space adventure! No it’s not. It’s a rap record – and there’s even a bit of scratching halfway through. I like the bit about “Jupiter moving” especially, and the self-deprecating references to “atomic masturbators”.

Not everything is Tame Impala, y’know.

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