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 Everett True

Song of the day – 272: Karaocake

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This song was originally featured in the now-classic 21 femme-led pop/punk recommendations from Facebook post. It seems too good to let slide – way too good.

“1-2-3-4-5-6-7 days and it’s over/I fucked up big time/You screwed up everything/You screwed up everything/You screwed up everything,” the French girl intones dolefully over a jaunty, jittery Casio beat – like a phalanx of Gameboys left to run wild on the kitchen table in Gregory’s Girl. There’s something very Jane Bond And The Undercover Men about this, but way more intense and not playful at all, or a little bit George Pringle (only far more melancholy). The girl is disconsolate, inconsolable. The music behind her doesn’t give a fuck. It’s going to continue, whatever the mood. I guess maybe it’s Lykke Li, for real. “We write to each other/Long letters that are meaningless.” She really is upset, like devastated but still holding herself together for the sake of appearance. The music is very coldwave, actually. Tears, fights/Tears, fights.”

Somewhere, it reminds me of the longest train journey of my life, riding along the banks of the Rhine back to England alone. And man, that’s some sad memory.

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