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Song of the day – 279: Shannon And The Clams (free download)

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Yeah. Happens sometimes. Record companies take notice of this site, and offer you free stuff.

It’s rare. Rarer still is that we like that free stuff. Here is one of those occasions. Following on from what could yet prove to be the defining post of Collapse Board’s first year, Stevo from 1-2-3-4 Go! Records got in touch, and asked whether Collapse Board would like to help share the good news that Oakland CA duo Shannon And The Clams have themselves a second long-player out. And it’s got an entire purple bathroom full of purple bathtubs full of rose petals and ennui-drenched feisty fiery fearsomely satin-melodic girl-group  songs – imagine Etta James duking it out with the lady from The Detroit Cobras over reverb-drenched gorgeousness, plus a little punk manhandling that even YOU Mr Scared White Indie Boy In The Corner Tentatively Trying To Grow A Fleet Foxes Style Beard might well fall for if only you remembered what it was like to have fun. Sure it’s a little aggressive. So is life. So what the fuck are you waiting for? Get your spotty lily-white asses over to their record company’s website and download ‘Sleep Talk’ for free! (Remember, doofus: right click on the link.)

I have heard the new album. I have suckled the new album. I have lived, loved, spat out and fallen in love all over again with the new album: and I got to tell you. It’s Monster Women good! It’s Neverever good! It’s Shannon And The Clams good!!! In her spare time, Shannon tours the world over as a Punkette in Hunx And His Punk, and for that alone you should get down on your knees and pay homage. I don’t want to go all fan-boy on your lily ass but really! Get the fuck with it!

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