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Song of the day – 294: Young Marble Giants (new song!)

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Damn. The Internet can sure blindside you sometimes.

First, a disclaimer.

The song isn’t entirely new. It dates from 2003, when the Welsh trio reunited for a BBC Wales radio special. It was the only new song they performed. The reason I’m throwing it up on Collapse Board now is because I’ve never heard, or heard of, it before. It was linked to on Twitter, perhaps as part of the St David’s Day celebrations? I have no idea, and really I don’t care. I’m too excited. After 30 years, a new Young Marble Giants song! And it doesn’t disgrace. It is so sweet, so melancholy, so understated, so Young Marble Giants.

It’s unsurprising  maybe that I was unaware of it, bearing in mind the unassuming nature of the folk involved.

This has made me so happy.

Here’s something I previously wrote about Colossal Youth.

I’m not denying I might have reprinted this article before (I certainly did in Plan B Magazine, to go alongside the first interview I ever did), but I’m excited, ya dig? I would like to communicate something of what this band means to me. Shortly after we moved to Brisbane, I performed a show in a disused garage in the West End, where I sang three Young Marble Giants songs unaccompanied. I was surprised by the warm reception they received. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been. This band are very special to many people.

This review was originally written in 2000, as part of an International Pop Underground series for the Domino Records website. It’s still there, I believe. -> -> ->

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