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 Everett True

Song of the day – 304: Float Riverer

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You me both, brother. My only complaint about The White Stripes was that the band weren’t composed of two Meg Whites.

My one complaint with Float Riverer is that they haven’t played Australia yet. Is that a Scout Niblett influence I detect? Oh, I do hope so. Great fucking guitar line, one riff and one riff only is easily enough to achieve whatever it is they’re achieving. Consistency. Repetition. Hypnotism. Dance-trance. Spacemen 3 as heard through a very narrow filter indeed. They just get straight down to it, 10 seconds in and you could be 10 hours in. I’d like to hear that, actually: Float Riverer playing the same riff for 10 hours straight, the vocals sometimes dropping out. (Songs of course actually last only a few too-brief minutes.)

Ain’t their fault they ain’t played in Brisbane, leastways. Only formed in Manchester end of last year, and every song sounds roughly, brutally, gloriously the same. Fucking great stuff.

Have played with Trash Kit, apparently. Yeah, sure. I can hear that.

Here’s the MySpace, motherfuckers.

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