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 Everett True

Song of the day – 334: Mari Elliott (Poly Styrene)

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I was looking for something to commemorate the sad news of Poly Styrene’s passing in this series.

Bianca sent me a link to her daughter Celeste Bell-Dos Santos’s Madrid-based band Debutant Disco, and I thought that was pretty cool. Sparky brash ska-punk with a fine female vocal (like you’d expect!). I might yet run with them. But then I noticed that the excellently-named Her Jazz blog had posted up a link to the pre-X-Ray Spex single by Mari Elliott (Poly’s real name). For a period of time in the late 70s I was totally after this single – pleasingly lightweight reggae in the style of Janet Kay or someone – but no joy. It’s a real pleasure, albeit a pleasure tempered by sadness, to discover it 30 years on.

I’ve already seen some asshole commentators in the mainstream press describe Poly retrospectively as “ungainly”. FUCK OFF, Variety.

I’m going to link to the B-side, actually – it’s very sweet.

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