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 Everett True

Song of the day – 340: The Wave Pictures

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No one tells me shit around here. There’s a new Wave Pictures album out, Beer In The Breakers. It’s their 29th, or 201st, and yet the trio still sound perpetually surprised at the wonder of music. There are too many words crammed in, like David Tattersall’s scared he might miss a detail. The words are a pleasing mix of the sublime and the everyday. The chords are slightly breathless. (I know they can’t be.) The drumming is tender. Songs are throwaway, in the sense that everything is throwaway. Play, enjoy and move along. Here is the new single. Apparently.

I’m tired, a 2.30am start thanks to Daniel, and my new gym regime thanks to no one but me, but this music – as ever – soothes me, ceases the world to corrupt. I’ve just noticed that Stanley Brinks has released two albums with The Wave Pictures since I last paid attention, and The Wave Pictures – as ever – have released about 309 singles. If someone would care to send them to me, that would be very jolly indeed.

I once wrote about The Wave Pictures …

“I get lost in the sound of sardonic vocals and distorted vocals and smart bittersweet vocals and listening vocals.”

… I thought about the phrase listening vocals carefully at the time. And I still like it.

I also once wrote …

“Only occasionally does music intoxicate like this: once every decade (he says, at random) – counting backwards, early Pavement, Galaxie 500, The Pastels … I’m sure you can make up your own reference points”

… but then I always was a lover of hyperbole when the powers of description wane.

I also once wrote …

“This music is naturally quiet”

… which is grossly misleading. I meant quiet as in not bullying.

Over and out. I am very pleased indeed to discover there is a new Wave Pictures album out. Maybe one day soon I’ll hear it.

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