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Song of the day – 343: The Coathangers

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This one is long overdue.

Vice has them as, “The Black Lips with boobs”. Man, and they say the art of music criticism is dead.

Dazed And Confused has them, “like The Slits and Gang Of Four hosting a children’s cable TV channel” – a statement that manages to be both simultaneously patronising and misleading. That’s like comparing a new rock band to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, simply because Nirvana and Pearl Jam were two well-known rock bands from the 90s: a better comparison would be the one that you make for yourself after watching the video above.

I have a slight aversion to the sound on this new album, Larceny & Lace, because I feel it’s a little clean – but the voice makes up for that, a Bjelland of a rasper. And fuck it: I LOVE it when our friends becomes successful. Just wish that so many of them didn’t turn out to be dicks after all. Not that I’m suggesting for one second that a) The Coathangers will turn out that way, or b) success is just around the corner simply because I prefer my production a tad grungier. Old school.

Kerrang! reckons they’re a “deliberately disorientating treat”. That’s way better. Doesn’t tell you the slightest bit about the music, but at least warns you that this Atlanta, GA band aren’t going to just sidle up and coo in yr ears nicely. That the music is jagged, and fitful, and probably a little aggressive. Too much wine. That guitars like to serrate. That hooks won’t take prisoners. Sweet as.

Nice to see they’ve progressed far enough to making their music videos in HD. At the end of the day John, that is what really matters.

(Wait, I’m sounding weirdly cynical here, even to my own ears. I suspect this music is gonna stick around and nuzzle amid my chest hairs long after lesser lights – Agent Ribbons, spit: just kidding! – have departed for manlier or more feminine chest growths.)

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