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Song of the day – 383: Disco Zombies (free download)

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Disco Zombies

City’s aflame in the summertime.

Fuck. I know the media distorts, and photographs will always favour the most volatile, but I’m worried for my friends in London. I’m not necessarily against violent protest as a means of expression, but why do it in your own backyard? Why not take a cue out of the old rave organisers’ handbook and somehow, secretly, all end up on David Cameron’s front lawn? For some reason, this song makes tears prickle at my eyelids at the thought of the ‘London riots’: a great, formerly lost, early DIY punk classic that somehow I missed hearing first time round. It reminds me a little of ‘O’ Levels or indeed council block-era Television Personalities, or early Freshies. The chorus is so killer. I could play it again and again. And I probably will, thinking of the city I left behind.

This is the title track from a forthcoming (27 September) Acute Records compilation.

I know very little about this band, having been only vaguely aware of them at the time. The press release nicely sums it up:

The Disco Zombies existed from 1977 to 1980 or so(like all good punk bands!). They played extremely catchy and witty and occasionally topical pop songs, whether during their earlier energetic punk phase or later artier drum machine phase. Our [vinyl] LP compiles their 3 rare and collectible 7″ singles, including the classic “Drums Over London”, as well as 7 additional never before released songs taken from acetates to singles that almost were.

If that wasn’t enough … the LP comes with a download code to be able to get digital versions of all the songs, PLUS an additional 7 songs, all recorded live in 1980 including yet 5 more unreleased songs, along with covers of Eno and Faust. All of this plus a 12 page booklet…truly an embarrassment of riches.

Acute Records (a very fine NYC label, incidentally) are promising free downloads of some Disco Zombies stuff, including ‘Drums Over London’ itself. Here’s the link, but the downloads don’t seem to be up yet. Check back here in a couple of days, and I’ll see if I can grab something for you, OK?

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