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Song of the day – 387: Serena from ‘Bewitched’

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Bewitched - Vincent Vanoli

Another from my series for my friend Vincent Vanoli‘s forthcoming book.

The caption Google translates as, “When this kiss reaches you, you can turn to feel close to me (song extracted from soap opera My Beloved Witch)”

Elizabeth Montgomery was just about the sexiest woman of my early 20s (I came to this series late), playing Samantha the suburban witch in American sitcom Bewitched – the way she twitched her nose, her demureness covering for something far wilder and more primal, the way she strung her hapless husband along, her cool 60s Mod outfits. She was definitely an influence on the Olympia punk rock librarian look. But when she doubled up as her ‘wicked’ cousin Serena, not scared to use her powers for mischief and self-gain, then … damn. Whereas Samantha could be like a female 60s Clark Kent, determined to fit in with her seemingly normal surroundings and not upset the status quo, Serena rejoiced in shocking staid suburban attitude.

‘I’ll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind’ is immaculate: bubblegum pop, sung with panache and performed with a salacious smile and a devilish glint. The lyrics, and the dancing with the guitar – one two, one two – are pure sex. There’s humour, outright flirtatiousness, style, and a beautifully meaty bass sound – a song to best even the 1910 Fruitgum Company. I’m lost for words. The laughter track was left on while this song was recorded for the show. Why? For Bangs’ sake, why? It wasn’t until David Bowie invented Ziggy Stardust that the rock world managed to recapture such dizzying heights of glamour.  And it was only a bare two minutes long.

P.S. Redd Kross did a great cover.

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