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 Everett True

Song of the day – 413: God Equals Genocide

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God Equals Genocide

Fucking wonderful.

Drums rattle and clatter. God Equals Genocide sing plaintively in Spanish language over rolling anarcho rhythms, laden down with harmony and good humour.

There’s stuff in my life I’m way proud of my involvement. The beginnings of Riot Grrrl. Releasing the first Dog-Faced Hermans album. Drinking cheap Mexican beer down Pike Place Market with Tad Doyle and Bruce Pavitt in 1989. Supporting Shop Assistants on a tour of Switzerland and Austria in ’86. Even (I guess) having the first record on Creation Records … although I’m still undecided about this.

Day four in the Secret Punk and Basement Pop series is God Equals Genocide, and it seems they have some sort of connection with all the above.

The song of theirs I really want to make Song Of The Day is called ‘La Yerba de los Caminos’ and can be found on this:

(You can download the entire mix-tape for free by clicking in the top left hand corner of the screen, where it says “tracks”.)

Here’s what Street Eaters have to say about them:

The members of God Equals Genocide are super-involved in the DIY community in Los Angeles, setting up shows at their Highland Park house, helping to coordinate vital scene organ Razorcake Magazine, and playing some raw, melodic, and distinct punk-based music. This song is sonically unusual in their catalog but still fits nicely into their overall weird oeuvre, its plaintively-beautiful Spanish melody strongly reminiscent of experimental Dutch Anarchopunks The Ex. Street Eaters really hope to play another show together with them soon.

I can’t find this song on YouTube, though. Via email, John Mink informs me that:

GEG are pretty great. That track [on the mix-tape] is different-sounding than much of their material since Adrian isn’t usually the main vocalist. Their other stuff is very good, too. Adrian is also in an excellent new band called Cheeto Champ in which she is the main vocalist/songwriter.

This gives you some sense of the excitement and insurgency …

… but no disrespect to the more regular vocalist, I just love the swing and shout of more plaintive, female-led ‘La Yerba de los Caminos’. (Bangs alive! I just love The Ex! Ever hear Moa Anbessa, the one they recorded with inspirational Ethiopian musician Getatchew Mekuria? You really should.)

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