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Song of the day – 444: Stag (something wonderful from the 10s)

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Stag with Santa

Brisbane. It’s scrappy. It’s hot. Our idea of entertainment is to have our photograph taken with Santa in the local shopping mall. Yet it’s home.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve asked one member of Stag to play on stage with me, supporting Electrelane and Feathers at the Zoo this month. I like the scrappy, garage feel of their debut four-track 7″ EP ‘Get Used To It’, so it seesd like an idea. The single reminds me of Panel Of Judges and (I don’t know: pretty much all my references are female because pretty much all the music I listen to is female) Heavens To Betsy. I like it, and I need a musician or two to play with on stage, and The Deadnotes are no more. Sob. So I’ve asked Stag’s drummer/singer. I have no idea which one she is in the photograph above. For all I know, the band has five members and she’s the one wearing the beard.

DISCLAIMER: This single comes in a sturdy, composite face-made-of-meat-and-fish cover that reminds me of 50s cookery books – the same discolouration, the same dispassionate use of food – and also reminds me of one, really horrible, Undertones compilation album sleeve. This isn’t bad, far from it. But it does influence perception.

DISCLAIMER: The single is on Joel Stern‘s Disembraining Machine. The band contains a member of Sky Needle. Frankly, I’d halfway made my mind up before I’d even heard it. Don’t we all? At the least, I’d made up my mind to give it a careful listen. There are keyboards and wordless vocals. That seems an oddly Brisbane 2011 touch.

DISCLAIMER: Any band that has a song called ‘Pop Song’ is always worth giving a listen to. I’ll admit to also being confused by the band’s name as (i) when I mentioned them on Facebook I immediately had members of three different Stags get in touch, and (ii) my last two Songs of the Day have been Scraps and the mighty Clag, both also from Brisbane. But whatever. I can get over it if you can.

Still friends? There’s a whole hidden musical village here that you know nothing about.

Stag. You can find the Facebook page here.

Stag. You can find the BandCamp here.

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