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Song of the day – 505: The Felines

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The Felines - Daddy Walk

Some recommendations are gold. It depends on the person doing the recommending, your relationship to them, how far you trust them and where your taste coincides.

Let’s have a look:

Geoff the Postman left a comment on my 10 future songs of the day post a few days back. “A  dozen of new bands (well new to me anyway) of 2012,” that’s how he phrased it.

  1. The Person I know little about Geoff these days. He was called Geoff the Postman in the early 80s by Creation Records sorts because – well, that was his job. He clearly still loves music. I’d imagine that music – for him, as for me – is still his main source of inspiration. Could be wrong. As I say, I know little of Geoff these days.
  2. The Relationship Ah now. During the 80s, Geoff and I must have travelled to hundreds – literally – of gigs together. He had a car, and I would always be living in some stupid bad part of London (Rotherhithe, I’m looking at you). We met because we both danced down the front of Birthday Party gigs, Blurt gigs, Nightingales gigs, UT gigs, psychobilly gigs. We were both loners, possibly not through choice. We’d go record shopping, particularly at Rough Trade in Ladbroke Grove, together. We would listen to homemade cassette compilation after homemade cassette compilation in Geoff’s battered old car. Most importantly, we danced. I recall one of the last Birthday Party shows, disgusted at the crop of poseurs they’d attracted, when we walked through the crowd straight out fists flailing at our sides. I remember driving round dodgy parts of north London for hours, trying to find a Poison Girls squat gig.
  3. The Trust Not complete. I ain’t stupid. My trust for no one is complete. It’s implicit, though. Until Geoff left a comment on Collapse Board a year or so back, I hadn’t heard from him in decades. We spent much of our 20s together, real important years because I chose to make them so. He’s never had an agenda. He always tried to remove himself from outside factors. If he likes something it’s cos he likes it, pure and simple. In a few days time, I’m going to post up a blog entry detailing his 12 recommendations. But yes, sure. Of course I’m going to pay way more attention to his suggestions that 98 per cent of everyone else out there. 99.8 per cent.
  4. The Taste Take a listen for yourself. The Felines, from Denmark – a trio of righteous rockin’ ladies, without a shadow of a secret my new pop crush. I so want to hear more. And, in a weird way, I so don’t want to hear more. This one song is so fine. It’s super-fine. Every lesson learned and then discarded on the altar of fun and righteousness. You could throw in some obvious comparisons, sure. Girls In The Garage, right? (This is far cleaner and simultaneously dirty.) Milkshakes, of course. And you’d totally miss the point. I better stop now. I don’t want you to hear me salivating. This is so fucking wonderful.

The Felines, from Denmark.

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