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Song of the day – 535: The Babies (+ album mini-review)

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The Babies

The first song is ‘Take The Skinheads Bowling’ and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The second song is like a great lost Vivian Girls song, with added male vocals. And there’s nothing wrong with that, no sirree. I want to mention The Go-Go’s in conjunction with this album, but this isn’t the place to do it. Maybe next song?

No, not this one. The third song has such a lightness, a deftness of touch it makes me feel giddy. This is how I always imagined early Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers to sound like, until I actually went back and listened to them and was disappointed as only a Modern Lovers fan can be. It chimes. This is so good, it might’ve come from Sydney circa 1995.

The fourth track is… damn. The fourth track is.

The fifth track is another great lost Vivian Girls song… although one has to say the Vivian Girls are doing just fine right now so what the fuck. It has enough “Baby/baby/baby” refrains to satisfy even this fussy Ramones fan. So. Are Woods any good then?

The sixth track MUST BE the one that inspired Scott Creney to make the Lemonheads comparison, except (as Scott put it):

Evan wasn’t smart enough to let Juliana sing lead on a couple of tracks.

The seventh song picks up the pace again and… Yes. The Go-Go’s. It’s Go-Go’s good.

The eighth track…

Listen. If you ain’t got the idea by now don’t come whining to me in 15 years time baby about how you missed out. This here is here. This here is now. And this here is WONDERFUL! Damn, it must be great to have a legacy.

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