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Song of the day – 546: noon:30

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Consider my tiny mind blown. 

Three videos I played, trying to get a fix on noon:30 – three (two?) sisters from DC, so I’m told – and each time, they threw up something entirely different. The first one is totally eviscerating, brutal. The guitar keeps distorting, the mood builds, the voice keeps chiding until… whoa! PUNK ROCK!

The second is like EMA or something… supple and visceral and layered with the sweetest melody. It starts low and unobtrusive with a sampled drumbeat, and just keeps on keeping on. That’s some voice right there! A trusted source tell me that there’s a righteous explosion of amazing DC girl bands going on right now (for example THIS!). Damn. One of my brothers is moving there soon to be part of the IMF. Do any of these righteous DC punk bands play corporate conferences I wonder? I should tip him off or something. Maybe. He used to be in an improv punk band himself, once upon a time.

The third is attitude and survival and soul and fruition and sparkly green lights. Or, as To Hell With Good Intentions puts it, “rhythm and paranoia and lots of yelping”. Reminds me somewhere of great lost 80s femme-punk duo Toxic Shock but that could be the coffee talking.

The fourth… I said four, right?… is… well, have a listen. Makes my speakers wobble. Protest music like mainstream commentators keep saying doesn’t exist these days.

They call themselves electronic-rock. Really? Hmm. Accurate but hardly descriptive.

Here’s the MySpace. Go immerse yourselves.

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