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Song of the day – 586: Joanna Gruesome

Song of the day – 586: Joanna Gruesome
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I will admit that I only checked this out after being sent this.

There was a U.K. cassette label in the early 80s called Pleasantly Surprised. Their first release featured (then relatively unknown) artists like The Birthday Party, Ludus and Cocteau Twins. Quite Goth, but fine music. I’m not sure what relevance this has to Joanna Gruesome because I wasn’t too surprised I liked ’em, and they ain’t Goth neither… I dunno. What can I tell you? Words are inadequate much of the time. that’s why God-she invented music. Abrasion, anger, attitude. One guitarist is in the audience, but this isn’t too much of a stretch. There are slower parts where the musicians take a second to breath. There are noisier bits where the musicians take a second to reflect. There are thumpy bits where the musicians take a second to dance and enjoy themselves. Everyone’s smiling. Everyone’s hugging themselves. What a glorious mess of a noise to be a part of. What a glorious sense of community.

From London. Or Cardiff. Or somewhere else. Unless they’re not.

I’m mainly posting this because I feel that these are my people. I have no idea what that says about my self-image in relation to reality, but if someone can tell me then we’ll all be… if not better off, happier. Maybe.

The voice makes it, of course. The voice usually does.

There’s a 7″on HHBTM. And now I’m really confused. I guess it’s that whole split personality thing that Huggy Bear had going on? I know they’ve had line-up changes? Gotta say I prefer the more abrasive version.

Not that it’s a fucking competition, of course.

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