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Song of the day – 59: Trash Kit

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I’d be falling down in my duty to you gentle reader, if I didn’t alert you to this.

  • Trash Kit are from London (I’m guessing).
  • Trash Kit feature Ros M (formerly of Lesbo Pig and Electrelane), Rachel A and Rachel H (I’m not guessing). And they sometimes feature Verity S as a guest (I’m not guessing).
  • Trash Kit create short, spunky, twirling balls of twine masquerading as songs – pause to take in the washing and you’ll have missed the entire set.
  • Trash Kit remind me of (of course) Kleenex but also Performing Ferrets and (of course) Erase Errata and maybe Wet Dog a little, also of those crazy geckos that run around everywhere at night here.
  • Trash Kit sound like bafflement.
  • Trash Kit make me want to run around and around and around in ever-increasing circles, although in fairness that could be the presence of a quadruple shot of coffee on my desk.
  • Trash Kit are anything but grunge.
  • Trash Kit came my way via a Frances Morgan recommendation, and I always take heed of those!
  • Trash Kit are great.

So I don’t actually have a proper link to the song yet. Ah well.

Here, go to their MySpace page and choose a favourite. Mine right now is ‘Cadets’.

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