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Song of the day – 596: The Boy Least Likely To and Gwenno

Song of the day – 596: The Boy Least Likely To and Gwenno
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I have one of my most trusted sources to thank for alerting me to this, this chilly Brisbane morning.

This, my friend, is what some of us call pop music. School yard crushes, minor key melodies (I’m guessing here), call-and-response vocals. A duet, no less. Bags of chips, semi-deserted cafés, grey Welsh days. Suitcases. Train stations. Instruments that burble along merrily to themselves: nostalgia is the calling card of choice. Gwenno was the Pipette that I didn’t know. (See a recent Collapse Board reference here.) The Boy Least Likely To used to write me lovely handwritten letters back when I did the Careless Talk Costs Lives radio show with Jon Slade. So I always listen out for him, despite the beard.

I told a story about The Pipettes from the stage the other night: how, after one performance at The Free Butt in Brighton, one of their mums came and sat next to me and said, “Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but when you started singing down the microphone I thought you were  some tramp who’d wandered in off the street and just walked onto the stage”. How could I take that the wrong way? I felt it was a massive compliment.

I’m very pleased to hear that The Boy Least Likely To is still making music as lovable and cuddly as ever.

And I’m very pleased that Gwenno is still Gwenno.

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