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Song of the day – 614: Fat Creeps

Song of the day – 614: Fat Creeps
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Another one taken from the Font of All Music.

This takes on new dimensions, played louder. Played louder it’s like I’m transported out of these grey (green) surroundings and away from listening out for the garage door opening to some dingy backwater club on the East Coast (America), where I’m huddled uncomfortably on a bench listening to drums belch out during soundcheck, shuddering but not caring because I know that in an hour or two, a shot or 10, life is going to start over and become vivid again. Close harmonies like the Vivian Girls showed the world once more existed and heavy guitars, a thudding back beat. It’s all in the bass, methinks. That fuckheavy bass. Everything is hazy. Everything is slightly confused and blurred like a Trafalgar Square night bus home. There’s no reaching for the stars here: the riffs are simple and in plain sight for everyone to enjoy. In this, Fat Creeps mirror Ramones. Deadpan vocals and fuzzy jackets because that way you can have more fun.

Just another great Song of the Day. You need to know more about the band? Here. Here’s the Bandcamp.

And here’s Nina.

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