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Song of the day – 652: U.S. Girls

Song of the day – 652: U.S. Girls
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There’s this. And this is super-fine.

Meg Remy says that it was loosely inspired by this, which too is super-fine:

You can find more music here.

And here’s a segment of an interview.

Let’s start with the song. What inspired it?

MEG REMY: This song was inspired by my current battle with my period. I am at a point in my life where I am ready to have a baby, and my body is REALLY ready for me to have a baby. Unfortunately, circumstances are such that it’s not the right time for one right now. But you can’t tell your body that! You can’t say, “Just chill for a bit, I promise you will get to fulfill this biological potential soon.”

What do you hope people take away from it?

I am hoping to strip away the taboo associated with menstruation and the other functions of the female body. We shouldn’t be ashamed of the fact that our bodies are in sync with the moon and are practically magic! We should celebrate it; we should also complain and confide freely with others when we are having problems with our bodies—a more open dialogue about periods, ovulation, and pregnancy would be helpful for the entire world. Also, I am just gonna throw this out there: I think tampons, pads, et cetera, should be free. The government should supply them.
(A conversation with Meg Remy, and the premiere of a video celebrating periods!, Rookie Mag)

Great video, great song: acid-tinged 60s Motown female empowerment bedroom isolation. I love shit like this.

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