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Song of the Day #679 – BADBADNOTGOOD

Song of the Day #679 – BADBADNOTGOOD
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First, to be perfectly clear – before you go a-whinin’ that you’ve heard this one before –

  1. BADBADNOTGOOD changed the game. They stormed the crumbling ramparts of jazz fusion and elevated urban beats to unprecedented heights. When they jam, it ain’t smug baroque showboating. It’s now or never. Kick ass and run like hell. Keep ’em guessing. Wait for just the right time and swoop in for the kill. BBNG roll like this.

  1. The drummer – that’s the dude in the pig mask – should form his own dojo. I mean, DAMN, SON.
  2. And yes, I fucking loved both of their last two albums. The debut hit me when I was still a newcomer to the underbelly of the music world, and I was totally floored. Then BBNG spun out the second album, which completely devoured the first one. Light years of difference. Wider palette, higher highs.

Now. The Toronto boys have dropped a new single ahead of their reported third album. Was I comprehensive? Naturally. There’s a label involved now. BBNG never worked with a label before. Change is scary.

At any rate, no need to be alarmed.

The boys are growing, no doubt. Just as they grew from the patchworky debut to the velvety second album. No, the euphoric kill strokes aren’t in place yet (although, good LORD, still gotta give the drummer some). This is a new tack, a more covert ambush, with wider vistas and thicker fog. But that means (at least, I hope) that BBNG are cooking up a new coup – and, if these blokes are as talented as I believe they are, they’ll trump the game yet again.

PS. If you guys are reading this – and I know you get this a lot, ’cause you’ve torn up a ton of stages – but come to Athens. Pu-LEEEEEEEZE.

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