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Song of the Day #682 – Chorusgirl

Song of the Day #682 – Chorusgirl
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Alone, alone, alone.

Every day, when I’m walking down the street to downtown, or down the campus, I see them everywhere – the girls with the hose, the flimsy skirts, the shades and the vacant looks, laughing at their own idiocy, not feeling or seeing anything outside of their own little bubble (or cell phone) and the other petty minds they can register in their little universes. (Some real conversation I overheard – “I really should manage my money more, but I always want to be outside the house.” Howzabout bringing some legit greenbacks, you plastic strokers, stuff you can COUNT.) And while am I not this, I still feel very small around them, w/o the bangles and the boots and the tan skin that they identify as one of their own. Not that I desire any of these things, but the discerning is very real. Don’t think I haven’t seen some stink eyes aimed my way.

What keeps me going sometimes is the bounce – the beat, the happiness, the tangible joys of music like Chorusgirl that embraces souls like me with cotton candy jangle that hasn’t been perfected since the reign of the Go-Gos. Why, darling, oh why only two of these honey-dripping beach-combing toothy beasts, so that I had to rewind “Oh to be a defector” at least five times today? In this tune I can see myself on the curb, snapping my fingers and shoving my feet singing do a diddy diddy dum diddy do. (Those perky violin points really do the trick.)

Mike Turner said yesterday that the Go-Gos were more punk than any garage-dwelling Sonics wannabes, and Chorusgirl don’t deny it.

“Alone”, in particular, clinches the deal – a tighter tune there wasn’t that encompasses the black hollow of the surf and the sweetest summer heatwave daze for a lonely gal to drift in.

But me, I can’t shake this outta my head:

“Just listen to the sound of the city, she’s throbbing / with people just dreaming, and drifting and dreaming.”

Oh, to be a defector!

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