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Song of the Day #694 – Quiet Marauder

Song of the Day #694 – Quiet Marauder
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With one hundred and eleven songs on their quadruple album ‘Men’, Cardiff’s Quiet Marauder have more than enough songs to have run from one end of the music spectrum to the other and this record goes all over the map. Well maybe not dixieland or bebop jazz or throat singing, but they cover a lot of ground.

The song I keep going back to over and over is “SOS.” Not sure if it’s meant to be a shouted SOS or a call for help as in S.O.S. Who really cares either way? But I like the idea of a shouted SOS, just a meaningless sound projected. The song recalls all those dead glam rockers of the past like Bowie, Bolan, and Hunter (before you say anything in the comments, you can be dead without being actually dead, plus we know Bowie is vampire). With that I give you the track of the day. Enjoy the dreary English humor video as well.



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