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 Everett True

Song of the day (Australia) – 145: Dave Graney And The Coral Snakes

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Charlotte suggested Rolf Harris as the next in this series celebrating the fact we’re now Australian.

I’m a big fan of Rolf as well, but… shrugs… I’m not sure folk would think I was taking this too seriously and all. Aside from anything, I think Rolf’s probably bigger in the UK then he is here, and maybe folk might resent him for presenting one particular side of Australia above another. I don’t know. I’ve never asked. So of course we discussed the idea of having The Go-Betweens as the next in this series but the problem there is… well, it’s a little obvious isn’t it? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, plus there’s the fact The Go-Betweens are one of the very few bands indeed that I’ve referenced directly in one of my own songs (‘Room At The Top’) but… shrugs… I want a band that might surprise a couple of folk, or at least turn them onto something they might not be familiar with already.

So my thoughts immediately turned to that proto-Riot Grrrl band from Melbourne that David Nichols (that man again) released some time around the late 80s called Matrimony or something… but there’s an immediate problem. 1) still old school and 2) can’t trace ’em cos I can’t remember their name.

So then of course I start thinking I don’t want this entire series to be skewed MALE garage rock, however fucking great all the included are (No Anchor, Witch Hats, Kitchen’s Floor, Eddy Current Suppression Ring etc). So then I start thinking I don’t want to be repeating myself either, as that’s not so interesting for myself, even I love all concerned (Beaches, Bridezilla, Fabulous Diamonds, White Woods, Pikelet, Blank Realm, Songs, The Stress Of Leisure etc).

So. What we got? Nothing from over five years ago, nothing MALE and nothing that’s been featured on this blog already. It’s good to narrow your options down. If someone had sent me the new Super Wild Horses album, I’d shove a track like that in here like a shot. But they haven’t. So I won’t.

So I thought I’d throw you a curve ball, and give you some of this. And yes, I know I’ve broken every single rule I just set myself. Fuck it. This man happens to be one of the other very few I’ve directly referenced in a song (a new Thin Kids number). And he writes the occasional piece of music criticism like a roasted, simmering demon.

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