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Song of the day (Australia) – 147: Love Of Diagrams

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Day six in this series (give or take a couple of days off, spent playing support to Kate Nash in Melbourne and Sydney).

Have you noticed that it’s always the slipstream Melbourne bands who sound the most English? I wonder why that is. Anyway, I’m including Love Of Diagrams in this here series despite the fact that a) I’m really not a fan of the music they’re obviously fans of, b) I’ve never seen them live and I do wonder whether this sound would translate, c) they’re from Melbourne and having been away from that city for several years I’m far more sensitive to parochial divides than I thought I would be, d) they make me nostalgic for a certain type of music I thought I’d never be nostalgic for… hey, I saw Oasis’ debut US show, you know. They were supporting great forgotten (and similar here, musically) NY band Lotion at… damn… forgotten the name of the venue.

This song ‘Look Out’ is fucking killer, though. And so who gives a fuck about all the above? Plus, I’ve already featured Beaches on this blog.

Look out.

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