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Songs about Brisbane – 12: Custard, pt 2

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“Discos/Mosquitoes/These tacos are making me sweat.”

If you lived in Brisbane in the late 90s, this is likely how you spent your Saturday night. Well, perhaps not specifically in a methamphetamine safehouse in Caboolture, but perhaps something similar.

The opening lyrics of Custard’s 1998 song ‘Caboolture Speed Lab’ summarise the rebellious fuck-it ethos that the band perpetrated. It’s all power chords, tempo changes and keytar solos. Although the song was originally released as a B-side to their 1998 single ‘Girls Like That (Don’t Talk To Guys Like Us)’, it hit at the peak of their decade-spanning career, later appearing on their best-of CD Goodbye Cruel World.

Non-ironically, it was always a live hit, as it would progressively build up speed over the course of the song until Dave McCormack’s fingers burnt holes in the fret board and the kids stamped holes in the gym hall’s wooden floor.

Oh, the subtlety.

As most of their songs have an attention span of about two minutes, it was surprising that they lasted nearly 10 years before breaking up in 1999. They rebanded late last year for a Powderfinger-supported gala, and assumedly, a fuck load of money. They’re playing their second gig in two years at the 20th anniversary of Meredith down in Melbourne in December. Ironically, all of the punters will probably shizzed on speed manufactured in Caboolture.

If you want to see a particularly groan-worthy interview (noun. See ‘I is an Interviewer), click on the video above to see the chat they had with Recovery’s aptly named Calamity Jane.

Words: Georgia Frances King

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