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SOTD #720: Daddy Issues

SOTD #720: Daddy Issues
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Surely every Alternative rock band since Nirvana has wanted to capture Nirvana’s beautiful guitar sound. Daddy Issues have come along out of nowhere (Nashville, USA) and nailed it. It’s hard to find such satisfying catchy hooks. The bass hits the spot, the drums are cohesive and haunting with an echoing delay. The vocals pretty in that dirty grungy way.

“Ugly When I Cry” – it’s hard to imagine anything ugly about this singer, considering the sound she makes. Unless it’s Ugly Pop in the vein of Skating Polly.

I’m starting to fantasise about my dream gig line-up. So far it’s me, Globelamp, Dilly Dally, and Skating Polly. I think, after hearing “Ugly When I Cry”, Daddy Issues have to be added to that line-up. This shit would blow some minds. My idea of a beautiful sound is that tension between the pretty yet edgy vocals and the skuzzy yet melodic lush guitar sound, the beat up drum sound and the reassuring bassline. It’s a resurrection. “The future of rock belongs to women,” said Cobain. Maybe the future of Grunge music does from the sound of these bands and Daddy Issues. They play feedback with the same focused attention as Kurt once did. It’s beautiful. It’s a rainy windscreen in Washington State, driving along dosed up on infatuation with your lover by your side.

“I’ve got low self esteem /It’s easy to be a mess / When you’re debris.” It’s Heart Shaped Box for the Millennial Generation. The distortion screeches in with some feedback bang on cue for the line: “Wind me up and watch me go /Take off all my dirty clothes / I’m a girl and you’re a guy / It’s alright but I’m / Ugly when I cry.” Satisfaction guaranteed. It’s my new favourite song.

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