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SOTD #733 – #738 – Rainham Sheds, Rattle, Kohti Tuhoa, Everyone is Dirty, No Sister

SOTD #733 – #738 – Rainham Sheds, Rattle, Kohti Tuhoa, Everyone is Dirty, No Sister
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The beast that is Kohti Tuhoa, from Helsinki. Photo by Aleksi Sorjonen.

Time has been fleeting lately. Great music slips through the cracks like golden dust. Are we gonna do something about it? Yes! Yes we can! Here, take a fistful. If we linger, it’ll slip away again.

I could be clever with this paragraph, but I won’t be. This is about a ludicrous fetish, conveyed with all the kink, angst, and sweaty lust that would ensue such a fetish. Subtext implies a sly subversion of heterosexual romance. Don’t ya love when form matches function? ILL fans, get stuck in this one. (Or, conversely – if this slimy bowl of noodles tickles yr fancy, go check out ILL.)

As kids, my brother and I had all these building toys to play with – Legos, of course, but also things like K’Nex and Tinkertoys, with rods and axels and snowflake joints. You snapped them together to make skeletal structures – cars, buildings, swords. The two women of Rattle seem to regard their rhythms like pieces from a K’Nex kit; snap one here, another there, now break this off, and now wa-la, they’ve turned a house into a hovercraft. The sky’s the limit when you let your imagination take the wheel.

NOISE. Er mah god, NOISE. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can make you piss in your pants when it comes from behind. If you’ve asked “why should punk exist in the 21st century?”, then Kohti Tuhoa will slap you in the face, bite off your cheek, and dash off before you can scream. So hold on to your armrest, cos your fight-or-flight mode’s about to kick into high gear.

Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Any words I try to use here would fail to encapsulate just how deliriously wicked this is. The spiky riffs, the smeared chorus, the unchained glee behind dubious drug-taking…I’m obliged to call this “punk”, but violins assault me with their pointed bows, and there’s far more to Everyone is Dirty than the “punk” moniker can offer. Also, “punks” do not seduce me like this. Mmm. It’s times like this that I question my sexuality.

Tierney Mierkus – you know the name – sent me this a while ago. I’ve loved her stuff for her inquisitive style, the way she can grapple raw emotion and channel it into piercing insight. In her hands, words are tools that scrape away the layers of myth, expose a throbbing truth, and replace those layers one by one to reform a portrait no less majestic than before, just now illuminated from underneath. So of course I expected No Sister to do the same with music. And boy, do they. I’m reminded of the abstract deserts from Spray Paint, but grounded in a more fluent intellect, and chopped to a finer grain. And yet underneath, as before, there is the light.

Rainham Sheds’ “Sex With Furniture” can be found on this wicked comp from Crocidile Records.

Rattle’s self-titled debut album is out August 5th on Upset the Rhythm. Pre-order here.

Kohti Tuhoa’s debut, Rutiinin Orja, drops on Southern Lord July 29th. Pre-order here.

The Banana Split single from Everyone is Dirty is out now on Royal Oakie. Grab it here.

Stay tuned for No Sister. Their self-titled debut should be out in mid-August.

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